60-Second Calf Cure from The Franklin Method

buy femara for infertility Welcome to our 60-Second Calf Cure Video! Why not just stretch the calves? Without getting into a lengthy description of how our body and brain work – I’ll say this. Often, tight muscles are not ‘short’ and don’t need to Continue Reading →

A Healthy, Happy Lower Back through the Franklin Method

see Too many runners (and too many people, in general) deal with lower back pain. I’m on a mission to help people (and especially runners) feel better and have higher performance with less pain and injury in their bodies. This Franklin Continue Reading →

Resilient Hips: An Introduction to Force Absorption for Runners

where to buy isotretinoin no prescription I hope you’ve been enjoying learning about the biomechanics of running AND feeling the benefits, ease, relaxation, and efficiency that come from the practices in this video series. In this video, we introduce the concept of force absorption and how Continue Reading →

Runners, Relax Your Shoulders!

Do you experience tension in your neck, shoulders, or upper back while running? How about lingering tension in your shoulders and neck during work? Or after? Of course we need to fundamentally address posture, strength, and breathing – but first Continue Reading →

3 Ways To Feel Better in Your Body

Reclaim: to retrieve or recover what was lost; to cultivate land that was previously unfruitful or wasted. Reinhabit: to inhabit again, after living elsewhere Are you fully inhabiting your own body today? Sounds like a silly question to some…”Well, of Continue Reading →