Top 3 Tips – for any runner and any training program\"/amitriptyline\" Watch this video for my Top 3 Tips for Runners! No matter what skill level you currently have or how long you’ve been running… No matter what ‘style’ of technique or program you use… These tips relate to all runners Continue Reading →

Why You Should Enter Your First Race {part three}

this page Want to read part one or part two of this article? Learn how a running race can Boost Your Motivation and Sharpen Your Focus in part one here. Read part two here to connect you to Community, or help you Pay Continue Reading →

Why You Should Enter Your First Race {part two}

Did you miss it? Read part one of this article here. 3) Be Part of Your Community Road running started as a male dominated sport decades ago, yet now counts more female participants than men, and since 1990 the sport Continue Reading →

Why You Should Enter Your First Race {part one}

Maybe you’ve never entered a local running race before, and frankly, the thought of it makes you nervous. Or sick to your stomach with the thought of people watching you. Or anxious about what might happen the day of – Continue Reading →

21 RUNS: a free facebook challenge group starting Feb 21!

21 RUNS: Create habits that move you Starting Feb 21 – March 13 The rules are simple: Step ONE // Join our free facebook group here! * Complete at least One Mile every day, from Feb 21 – March 13 Continue Reading →

What if we could perform better – not by training harder?

As runners, we understand that we’re strengthening our cardiovascular system when we move. We understand that it takes effort to improve our fitness level and performance. But what if getting better at running wasn’t about working harder? Wouldn’t that be Continue Reading →

3 Ways To Feel Better in Your Body

Reclaim: to retrieve or recover what was lost; to cultivate land that was previously unfruitful or wasted. Reinhabit: to inhabit again, after living elsewhere Are you fully inhabiting your own body today? Sounds like a silly question to some…”Well, of Continue Reading →