RTU: Q&A “Don’t I just have to run more to get better at running?”

You may be thinking, “How is imagery different than training, Cheri? Can’t I get better at running by just running….more?”

Running happens in real time – meaning, fast. I mean this even for runners who call themselves ‘slow’.

Can we really expect ourselves to make changes with imagery while we’re flying around our town, pounding the pavement, sweating and breathing rapidly?

Yes, but it takes a high level of mindbody skill. A skill we can all develop.

We start with the basics when we learn something new.

So, let’s roll.

Imagery requires focus, first. Before strategy comes observation. We then select our imagery strategy based on what we need.

If we can’t feel what we’ve got going on, how do we know what we need?

Runner’s Tune Up helps you learn how to observe your own sensations, and how to practice with great skill – mentally and physically. It’s about embodying good function.

In the online program, Runner’s Tune Up, you will actually change movement habits and thought patterns – slowing it down, and learning how to improve your function. Those positive changes, when embodied, come with you in real time while you’re out running. You become that ‘new norm’.

We get really personalized in this practice – you learn to understand YOUR body.

We deprogram old compensatory patterns that could cause injury.

We learn to move better.

Some people can get better at running by simply running more or changing their training plan. Those individuals probably have pretty sound biomechanics or movement patterns to begin with.

Most of us have some less than optimal movement patterns due to the tech-driven culture in which we live, or from old injuries and habits.

And great runners know they can always improve, right?

If you have some dysfunctional movement patterns or habits – they won’t change unless you bring awareness and new strategies to them. You’ll just end up adding speed work or longer runs – more demand and risk – on top of the same detrimental movement habits, and potentially create overuse injuries, or unnecessary tension and fatigue while you’re at it.

Lamictal without prescription One of my favorite productivity tips is “Don’t just do more, do better.”

This tip requires me to prioritize the most impactful actions I can take in my business or in my training, and helps me get on with the rest of my life and protect my time off.

Using imagery maximizes the time we put in, rather than requiring us to put in more training. If you’re strapped for ‘free time’ you need to adopt the best strategies to get better results with the time you have to train.

I think we can all get behind protecting our time and doing better with what we have.

Refining how you run is essential for your success.

buy priligy cheap If you’ve tried the strategy of “I’ll just run more to get better at running” I’d love to hear from you. Did it work? Or did your body break down or mind and motivation fade?

Especially comment below if you think there’s something funky going on with your function or you want to maximize your training. Let’s see how we can get you moving better and back on your feet.

To your wellbeing and longevity as a runner,



PS: If you’re curious about more of the mental/emotional aspects of running psychology and self-coaching, click here.


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