Resilient Hips: An Introduction to Force Absorption for Runners

buy cheap viagra online uk I hope you’ve been enjoying learning about the biomechanics of running AND feeling the benefits, ease, relaxation, and efficiency that come from the practices in this video series. In this video, we introduce the concept of force absorption and how your pelvis moves to help with the transfer of ground reaction forces.

Whew! I dig physics and biomechanics.

And I like to make it useful for YOU – because that’s where the true value is, right?

Did you know that running can put up to 2-4 times your body weight worth of impact into your body on every stride? That’s a lot of force! Your muscles and fascia work as force absorbers, too, certainly. But without the fundamental ‘give’ that comes from the movement in the pelvis, that force will inevitably get stopped or concentrated in one area. Ouch. Learn how the pelvis moves during a simple squat – and then take that spring into every stride. When we land and receive ground reaction forces, there is a rhythm to how our bones move to minimize that focused impact and turn it into flow. Your ‘sit bone widening’ image happens during every step we take; a force transfer that is especially needed for efficient running.

Do leave a comment and tell me what you experienced after this practice – especially with the contrast of when we’ve just done the right side. That contrast can help you discern what benefits you’re receiving and reinforce the positive changes that occur.

‘See you’ in the comments!


PS: Now that your pelvis is getting ‘organized’ watch the next video in our series: A Healthy, Happy Low Back.

PPS: Did you know I created an online course? It’s the 6-week Runner’s Tune Up. Learn more here.

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