A Healthy, Happy Lower Back through the Franklin Method

can you buy Pregabalin over the counter buy modafinil uk forum Too many runners (and too many people, in general) deal with lower back pain.

I’m on a mission to help people (and especially runners) feel better and have higher performance with less pain and injury in their bodies. This Franklin Method practice is one step toward that goal. It warms up this key area of the body, brings clearer movement and awareness to the lumbar spine, and awakens your three-dimensional core support through movement and ‘muscle sling’ imagery.

A ‘muscle sling’ is a chain or link from one muscle to another through the sling of the connective tissue or fascia. It assists us in movement and force absorption, connecting one part of the body to the WHOLE body. After all, the body doesn’t really isolate recruitment like fitness professionals had tried to for many years ie: let’s make this one muscle our target and make it bigger and stronger. Our body ‘knows’ movement.

And the Franklin Method helps you train in three-dimensional, functional movement with your mind.

You can learn more when you sign up for our 6-week online course (enrollment closes March 14!!) but enjoy this taste of our program today for free. Do share in the comments if you feel a positive change in your posture!


PS: Remember to check out our online course here – enrollment closes March 14! Or sign up here!

Program dates // March 16-May 9 // over 12 follow-along training videos, pdfs, and support in our facebook group

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